La conduzione è al 100% femminile e questo ci ha portate a specializzarci nell’abbigliamento da bici e tutto quello che il ciclista indossa. Dalla testa ai piedi.

Our Great Family



Maso Villa Warth is at the heart of the Moser wine cellars in Gardolo, where Uncle Francesco has transferred all his boundless energy after leaving his long professional cycling career. The team, apart from our uncle, now running the wine cellar consists of our cousins Chicca, Carlo and Matteo.

Don’t miss the chance of a wine tasting directly in the cellar combined with a visit to the museum opened in 2012 where our uncle has gathered together souvenirs and memorabilia from his career! Cheers!


He made his mark on almost twenty years of world cycling history, not only for his innumerable successes but also for often being a pioneer of innovative technology and training methods. In our family he was the source of tales our parents told us from when they followed him on his road trips all over the world. He was the winner of classics such as the Milan-Sanremo, 3 Paris-Roubaix, the Giro d’Italia, 2 Giri di Lombardia, World Champion on road and track and for a long period he was the holder of the hour record. Up until then the most famous of our cycling dynasty was Uncle Aldo who in the 1950s won several professional races competing together with the legendary Coppi and Bartali.


In the little village of Palù di Giovo it is not only the Moser family which has won cycling fame! In fact even cousin Gibi (he married our cousin Arianna, who was a great junior racing talent on road) has had some exceptional results both on road and mountain biking. A great climber, nicknamed King of the Zoncolan, he built his best victories on the hardest Alpine ascents culminating in two Giri d’Italia in 2001 and 2003. Being more or less the same age we often followed Gilberto’s races personally in Italy and abroad, sometimes directly from the team car. We have some fantastic memories and numerous stories linked to the colourful world of cycling at the highest level.


The following question comes up spontaneously: is there anyone who can follow in the footsteps of such an important sporting heritage as to be almost cumbersome? The answer is yes, our two cousins Moreno and Ignazio. The first made his professional debut in 2012 with Liquigas-Cannondale team and won five times and was called to compete in the World Championships! In 2013 he immediately started the season with a victory and above all reignited in all the family the knowledge of once more having a champion amongst its members! We have dedicated a fun t-shirt to him with the motto “I wanna more”. Another excellent cousin follows close behind, Ignazio, Francesco’s son who has been successful in the junior categories both on road and track and this year has embarked on the professional world of BMC.

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