La conduzione è al 100% femminile e questo ci ha portate a specializzarci nell’abbigliamento da bici e tutto quello che il ciclista indossa. Dalla testa ai piedi.

Bike shop

This shop specialises in bike wear which is considered to be ‘atypical’, partly due to the structure itself of the shop which is built on three open levels, partly for its colours (white has certainly won over the others!) or perhaps because of the complete absence of bicycles and all their ‘mechanical’ parts. 

We started off as a bike shop in 1986 from an idea of Marco and Giacinta, our parents, who gradually left us three sisters to run the whole shop. So we grew up in the shop, amongst bicycles, tyres, spare parts and clothing. We saw and lived first-hand the enormous evolution which has taken place in this field. We have also followed that evolution and specialisation in our shop, concentrating in particular on clothing, where our female sensitivity and accumulated experience are bearing fruit.

This explains why our shop is ‘atypical’, three floors of sport: on entering there is a wide selection of bike wear completely dedicated to the female public, on the upper floor is the department devoted to male cycling and on the ground floor is the section ‘Fashion-fitness’ with prestigious makes such as Dimensione Danza, Deha and Freddy.

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